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Invoice Register

Invoice Register

Creating an Invoice Register


The purpose of this exercise is to illustrate the ease of creating a report within the software. The report shown here is an invoice register, not a standard QuickBooks report but rather one that has been adapted from a transaction detail report by account. Below are the steps to create the report.

  1. 1.      Choose Reports > Custom Transaction Detail Report.
  2. 2.      Click on the Modify report button at the top of the report, then the filter tab (second from left).
  3. 3.      Account: Accounts Receivable
  4. 4.      Date: All (the very first option on the pull down list)
  5. 5.      Transaction Type: Invoice (to include credit memos and invoices on the same report, choose selected transaction types and place a checkmark before each of the types)
  6. 6.      Click on OK. This will give you a report with all of the information, but it is not in invoice number order. In addition, there are columns on the report that are not necessary. To clean it up, continue with the following steps.
  7. 7.      Remove Memo, Class, Clr, Split, and Balance columns by placing the cursor on the diamond to the right of the column that is to be removed. Hold down the right mouse button, and move the dotted line past the diamond on the right. Use the same procedure to make the name column wider so that the customer and job names are both visible.
  8. 8.      Click on the box to the right of the “Total By” label and choose total only (the first option at the top of the pull down list). This will provide a secondary sort option. Choose Sort By: Document number.
  9. 9.      To change the report title, choose the modify button then the Header/Footer tab. The second line down will be the report title.



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