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Inventory Assembly Enhancement

Inventory Assembly Enhancement

New with Premier Version 2003 was a new type of item called inventory assembly.  The purpose of this type of item was to create a new inventory item from existing inventory items.  It was appropriate for light manufacturing types of businesses.   The advantage over groups was that there is an actual inventory count and cost associated with the assembly in total as compared with a group where the purchase, inventory count and cost if appropriate, and sales are all based on the individual items.  The group is more for the purpose of increasing data entry efficiency.

New with Premier Version 2006, inventory assembly type items can now include service, non-inventory part, and other charge type items.  In order to be included the advanced job costing feature needs to be used for these items to permit assigning the item to an expense account for purchases and an income account for sales.  If an item is not marked in this way, an error message will appear when it is added to the inventory assembly along with an option to edit the item at that time.

QBRA-2006: Lists > Item List > Item > New > Inventory Assembly Type > Enter the rest of the information to set up the item

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