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Intergrated Applications

Intergrated Applications

Integrated Applications

Integrated applications are also often called Add Ons or third party software.  The purpose of these additional products is to enhance QuickBooks for features or reports not available with QuickBooks alone.

There are not any My Preferences for the Integrated Applications.  The Administrator of the data file has complete control over what integrated applications will have access to the file.

QBRA-2004: Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preference

Don’t Allow Access – The Administrator has the option to mark the check box to not allow any application access to the QuickBooks data.  If this box is checked, no one will be able to allow any SDK (QuickBooks Software Development Kit) application to access the data file. 

Expired Certificate – If this box is checked and an application”s certificate expires when the application attempts to access the data file, the user will be able to accept or deny access to the data file.  The application can still function properly with an expired certificate.

Previously Requested Access – This section contains a list of all applications that have been given access to the current data file. The checkmark in the left column indicates that the application is currently allowed to access this company file. To deny access to the data file in the future, remove the checkmark by clicking in that column, or remove the application by selecting it and clicking Remove.

Application Properties – There are two tabs that control how the Integrated Application will work with QuickBooks.

Access Rights – If the decision is made to allow this application access to the QuickBooks data file, there are two more options.  When the application accesses the data file, a warning can be requested or the application can be logged in as a specific user.  There is also a check box that will control if the application has access to Social Security numbers and other personal information.

QBRA-2004: Edit > Preferences > Company Preference > Click on an Application > Properties

TRICK: Requiring the application to log in as a specific user will show the user designation with the transactions on the audit trail report.

Details – This tab contains all the specifics on the application such as application name, developer, access information, etc.

QuickBooks Solution Marketplace – At the bottom of each of the screens in the Integrated Applications Preference is a link to learn about numerous third party developer products available for sale.



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