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Installation Issues

Installation Issues

For stand alone systems, the installation is the same as for previous versions.  As the installation of the software occurs, it is possible to choose the folder.  This permits replacing the previous version, or installing the new version in its own directory to still permit using the older version. 

The installation and upgrade process has changed for version 2006 for multi-user installations.  The short answer is that the software needs to be installed on the server, even if only data is stored there.  With the change to the Sybase SQL database structure, the software is required to have the data function properly. 

For more information, visit /newsletter_view.php?cat=9&id=338 or or  or do a search on QuickBooks support web site.

TRICK: Be careful with external drives (such as x-drive or mango-drive) since these systems may not have QuickBooks installed as required to have the data function properly.

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