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Importing from Quicken

Importing from Quicken

Importing from Quicken

Quicken is a great tool for small businesses because it is inexpensive (Quicken 2003 Basic is only $29.99) and very easy to use.  The added benefit for both the client and the accountant is that the information can be entered by the client so the bank account balance is always accurate and the time saving feature of printing checks (not to mention looking more professional) is also available.  The challenge in the past for the accountant was that there was the ability to convert the Quicken data to QuickBooks when creating a new file, but the on-going interface was more challenging.  That is not the case anymore.  QIF to Excel to IIF converter from Big Red Consulting makes the process easy as:

  1. Exports – export the transactions from Quicken to a QIF file and export the chart of accounts from QuickBooks as an IIF file.
  2. Use the Tool – import the QIF file, import the IIF file, and export the transactions to a new IIF file
  3. Import – import the transaction file into QuickBooks.

Where to get it:
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Note: This tool also works with on-line banking downloads in QIF format, or credit card activity downloads in QIF format too!

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