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Icon Bar

Icon Bar

The Icon Bar

One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to customize the icon bar. This feature has been around for a long time.  However, it was removed with Version 2000 then brought back with Version 2001. It is possible to remove icons, as well as add new ones for the functions you do the most (including memorized reports).  It is possible to customize the icon bar to be icons only, text only, or both.  How the icon bar is changed depends on the version. 

If the Icon Bar is not visibleFor versions 2001 and higher, the icon bar can be turned on and off from the View pull down in the menu bar (i.e. file, then edit, then view). For version 99, it is a preference that can be turned on and off on the “my preferences” tab.


Remove unused iconsThe standard icon bar can be changed to remove those features you do not use. For example, if you only write checks, and never use the Accounts Payable functions, remove the “bill” icon. To accomplish this in version 99, go to the preference, click on the icon, and then choose delete. For versions 2001 and higher, choose view and customize icon bar to click on the unwanted icon and delete it.


Add appropriate iconsIn an effort to increase efficiency (and often to eliminate challenges with new users who have difficulty finding the appropriate navigation option) it is possible to add icons to the icon bar. With the form (or report) open, choose view and add to icon bar for versions 2001 or higher. For version 99, choose window (all the way to the left next to help) and then add the window to icon bar.

Customize the icon bar – to make the icon bar most effective move the icons into a logical order. You can even add spaces between groups of icons to make the distinctions clearer. Make these changes from the preference screen for version 99 or the view and customize screen for version 2001 or higher.





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