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HindSite Software

HindSite Software

HindSite Software

After seeing information about HindSite for several years, we have finally taken the opportunity to learn more about this amazing product. This product can easy the pain for any service based client who is struggling with the paperwork in the field and the office. HindSite Software is a business management tool.

Field tested and proven for over five years, they continue to improve the software and revolutionize the service industry.

HindSite Software uses the PDA – a cheap and common piece of technology – to replace the paper work order. By doing this the errors inherent in double entry and in translating illegible writing are removed.

HindSite PDA software…

• Has immediate time card capture – which means the company doesn’t lose a minute of billable time.

• Can keep accurate parts records – so the company knows exactly what the technicians are using.

• Can provide immediate billing – the technician can print an invoice in the field and improve the business’s cash flow.

• Has complete job notes and customer history – so techs know what they’re doing and whom their doing it for.

• Can track daily mileage records.

This allows the technician to do his or her job – the job they were trained for and the job they are good at – instead of being a paper-pusher. Once all this information is gathered, the technician can upload everything into the computer…and straight on through to QuickBooks.

The office side – along with the direct QuickBooks (and MasterBuilder) interface – also boasts the ability to schedule a customer in under 45 seconds, an extensive and interactive contact database, a vehicle maintenance program, and a number of reports and calendars. It really is a complete business management system. One of the features we found to be quite impressive is the ability to enter pop up notes, both for the office (great customer, refers alot of business to us, etc) and to the technician (where is the key, don’t let the dog out, be extremely neat at this customer, etc). This eliminates the need for the customer to “train” each employee they interact with when doing business with the HindSite user.

The combination of office software and PDA software allows the company to run more efficiently, to be more productive, and to increase their profitability.

For more information or to schedule a live Webex demo, please call HindSite Software directly at 888-752-5978. The technology used for the demo permits you to actually touch and do everything. You enter a new customer, schedule the customer, take control of the “virtual” PDA exactly as the field technician would, and then import the information back into the office system. All the while you can test out the functionality for completing a job, documenting that the job is not done, etc.

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