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Goldmine Plus Accounting

Goldmine Plus Accounting

Goldmine Plus Accounting

Customer relationships are the single most important contributor to your bottom line.  Every interaction with a customer has some impact on sales, expenses, or inventory.

GoldMine Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2002 and higher. GoldMine Plus Accounting is an application developed by FrontRange Solutions to integrate GoldMine Business Contact Manager or GoldMine Sales & Marketing with Intuits QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2002.

GoldMine Plus Accounting provides seamless front and back-office integration between customers records in either program. Financial information about customers and suppliers is now available within GoldMine. With this integration, all employees (or those you specify) that come in contact with customers can have transaction information at their fingertips — streamlining the quoting process, reducing the incidence of credit problems, mitigating inventory problems, and eliminating the redundant data entry.  With GoldMine Plus Accounting — THERE IS NO MISSING LINK!

GoldMine Plus Accounting allows you to:

• Maintain consistent contact data across the sales and accounting systems

• Generate quotes and gain access to order entry

• Store, view and update fi elds in GoldMine with data from QuickBooks Pro/Premier

• Schedule activities or attach Automated Processes™ in GoldMine based on data in QuickBooks Pro/Premier

With invoices, GoldMine Plus Accounting will


• Complete a forecasted sale in GoldMine and update the


• Save the order in QuickBooks Pro/Premier

GoldMine users can view:

• Invoices, with drill–down capability to view specific invoices, their details and status

• Credit information, including the amount currently available

• Balance, broken down by current and 30/60/90–day status

• Inventory, with drill–down capabilities

• Purchase orders, with drill–down capability to view specific orders and status

Price $99 for a single user license.  Requires Goldmine and QuickBooks license.


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