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Fixed Asset Manager

Fixed Asset Manager

Fixed Asset Manager

This tool is an integrated application available in the Premier: Accountant Edition and Enterprise Solution Products.  This add-on product adds another option to the Accountant pull down menu and will automatically launch the program from within QuickBooks.  The fixed asset list is then used to determine depreciation which can post a journal entry back to QuickBooks automatically.

QBRA-2004: Accountant > Fixed Asset Manager > Apply Query Criteria

According to the help information included with the software, the features include:

  • Tight integration with QuickBooks Data
  • A detailed, customizable asset entry screen
  • Six depreciation bases (Book, State, Federal, Other, AMT, ACE)
  • Projected depreciation calculations
  • Disposition tracking
  • Custom queries and sorting
  • Full calculation overrides
  • A wide variety of built in depreciation reports and forms
  • Multiple ways to export and import data
  • Integration with ProSeries tax products

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