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Financial Statement Reporter

Financial Statement Reporter

Intuit’s Financial Statement Reporter

In May, 2003, Intuit released a new add on called the Financial Statement Reporter.  It adds another choice to the reports pull down menu which will automatically launch the add-on in another window.

QBRA-2004: Reports > Financial Statement Reporter > Click OK to acknowledge where reports will be saved

There is increased flexibility in report presentation including expanding only specific account groupings (while leaving others collapsed), addition of $ to the first and last line of the reports, control over the page numbers.  In additional several report templates are available that are not possible in QuickBooks alone.  The reports are still based on the chart of accounts for the basic structure; the add-on does permit changing the account type names description on the financials.  There are also templates for the title page, accountant reports, and a blank template that can be used for creating the notes pages for the financial statements.

This add-on requires release 7 and QuickBooks Premier 2003: Accountant Edition and higher.  This product also works with the Enterprise Solution: Accountant Edition for version 2003 and higher.  Without the release 7 update, the following error message will be received: Unable to attach to your QuickBooks data file.  This same product continued to work with version 2004, however, based on information from Intuit’s webinar, an upgrade purchase is expected for version 2005.

Originally the Accountant’s Review Copy could not be used with this add-on, but that has been changed in a maintenance release.

The price of the add-on was approximately $325.00 in 2003, but has been reduced to $269.95 for the single user package (professional advisors receive a 20% discount).  The 5 user pack is $944.95.  There is no trial version currently available but there is a money back guarantee and 5 uses are available without registering the software. 

For more information or to purchase, click here.

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Financial Statement Reporter