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FedEx Shipping

FedEx Shipping

FedEx Shipping

New with version 2002 was the ability to ship packages directly from within QuickBooks using Federal Express.  To begin using the service, the first step is to complete the set up wizard.  Then simply enter an invoice or sales receipt and with a few clicks you can have the documents ready to ship the product.

First, enter the invoice or sales receipt information and click on the ship pull down menu to choose Ship FedEx Package.

A pop up box will appear with the ship date, FedEx number, and ship to information already completed.  In the top section of the form, it is possible to choose FedEx Express, FedEx Express COD, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Ground COD.

In the next section, choose the specific service, packaging, special handling options, payment, and signature release.

By clicking on the rate quote button, it is possible to receive an estimated cost to ship the package.

Ship now button will ship the package and generate the label automatically to the printer.

To see the list of shipments, click on the shipping pull down and choose tracking and void.  From this screen it is possible to reprint the label and print a shipment detail report.


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