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Edit List Entry

Edit List Entry

Edit List Entry

For the chart of accounts, this option permits a change of account name or a change of an account type (except changing to or from Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable). This option, when used carefully, can correct data entry errors in total, rather than transaction-by-transaction. Because this option does change the account in total, prior periods may be affected. Depending on the timing of the change, and the magnitude, it may be better to edit the individual transactions or do a journal entry to correctly reclassify the balance to a new account, and then use the option to make the old account inactive.


For the item list, when editing the general ledger account used for purchases, expenses, sales, or the inventory asset account, an Account Change dialog box will appear.  If yes is chosen, historical transactions (even prior period entries) will be changed to reflect the new account.  If no is chosen, only future transactions will use the new account, historical transactions will not be effected.


QBRA-2004: Lists > Item List > Edit > Change Account > OK


For all other lists, this option permits editing any of the information related to the individual entries on the list.


For all lists, any changes made take effect immediately.  The change will affect both present and future transactions, with it item exception noted above. 



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