Double-Check Set Up - Accounting Software Secrets
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Double-Check Set Up

Double-Check Set Up

Double Checking File Set Up


Setting up any accounting software package forces a return to the basics. Taking the time to make good decisions during the setup process will assure accurate useful financial information in the future.


TIP: Password protect the data using the closing date field.

QBRA-2003: Edit > Preferences > Accounting > Company Preferences > Enter the Closing Date > Set Password (in previous versions it is with the set up of users and passwords)


TIP: Confirm all accounts and items have been assigned to the correct type.


TIP: Confirm that the items have been setup properly and coded correctly.


TIP: Check lists to see if some of the contents need to be merged, hidden, or deleted.


TIP: Before you begin working on the file, confirm that the opening balances are entered properly, including year-end reconciling entries.


TIP: Make a back up and store it off-site.


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