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Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks

Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool Overview

Thank you for your interest in our QuickBooks Diagnostic Solutions!  We are always excited to have the opportunity to help accountants and business owners succeed using technology.

As part of this ongoing effort to help accountants and other professional service providers building thriving practices, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the BMRG Advisory Program!  Our diagnostic and testing solutions are now being offered exclusively to members of that program, and we are in the process of bringing even more great solutions to you! 

QuickBooks has been taking the country by storm.  As of last check, Intuit enjoyed approximately 83% of the small business accounting software market.  With so many small businesses using the software, accountants and consultants need a way to efficiently and effectively deal with the challenges that clients using the software are create.  That is the purpose of the Small Business Diagnostic Tool-QuickBooks Edition.  Based on years of experience with hundreds of small businesses that use QuickBooks, certain trends became obvious.  This tool began as an Excel spreadsheet used to provide a system for analyzing the data file submitted by a new client expanded into an interactive PDF tool for two editions and has now evolved into a software program.  The results of using the tool include:

  1. An organized approach to looking at the data file to determine where the potential problem areas are.
  2. A custom report that can be provided to the client detailing the issues within their specific data file as value added.
  3. The report can also be provided to potential clients as a way to charge for the initial analysis since they can choose to use you to solve the problems, or, armed with the details, enlist the help of their bookkeeper or tax accountant.  No longer do those “introductory meetings” for free since you are being paid for a product they can see as valuable.
  4. A training tool for those within the organization who are not familiar with QuickBooks.  The step by step instruction for using QuickBooks as related to an issue, a commentary on why the issue is important, and numerous tips and tricks provide a resource not available anywhere else.
  5. Eliminates overlooking potentially important issues.
  6. Used in conjunction with the Small Business Diagnostic Tool-Business Management Edition, the business as a whole can be analyzed.
  7. Additional consulting work is the natural extension of this process.
  8. And much more . . .