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Detail Tabs

Detail Tabs

Detail Tabs


There are two tabs and information can be entered on either or both of them.  Most overhead type expenses such as telephone, office supplies, or insurance will be entered on the expense tab.  The expense tab also will typically include prepaid expenses and fixed assets.  The item tab is used to purchase inventory or other goods and services that will be re-sold.  These are the items that appear on the item list when invoices are created.


TRICK: If there are various accounts or items to be entered on the bill, multiple lines can be entered on either tab.  This is the way that allocations to various classes would be handled.  For example, a telephone bill in the amount of $100.00 needs to be allocated to two different classes.  On the expense tab, enter telephone in the account column, $50.00 in the amount column and class 1 in the class column.  On the second line, enter telephone in the account column, $50.00 in the amount column, and class 2 in the class column.


QBRA-2004: Vendors > Enter Bills > Items Tab


TIP: Items can be purchased using the items tab. All other expenditures should be on the expense tab.  With either alternative it is possible to assign the detail to a customer:job or class as needed.



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