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Design QuickBooks Letters

Design QuickBooks Letters

If the letter to be sent does not appear on the list of pre-defined letter choices, it is necessary to design the letter.  This is the third option available after choosing Activities > Write Letters.  If the choice is to create a new letter “from scratch” a name for the letter and name list the letter will be sent to will be required.  QuickBooks will automatically launch Microsoft Word to permit assigning the placement of the QuickBooks fields as well as typing of the text to be contained in each letter.  To place the QuickBooks custom letter fields, place the cursor in the letter where the field should appear, then choose the field from the pull down menu.  When the letter is prepared, the software will retrieve the data contained in the fields from within the QuickBooks data file.  Once the letter has been completed and all the changes have been made, save the file and close the Word document.  This will take you back to the QuickBooks file.  Once there, follow the procedures detailed in the second option above to actually prepare the letter.  The other options of converting an existing Word document to QuickBooks format, viewing and editing existing letters, and organizing the lists follow similar principles.

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