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Creating and Printing Statements

Creating and Printing Statements

Creating and Printing Statements


Statements are the perfect way to inform customers of their account status.  The statement is also helpful for reconciling balances with customer detail.  Statements can be printed either by the job or by the customer.  They can be printed for one customer or several.  The memo field on the various forms will print on the statement, as will all statement charges that have been entered. 

New with version 2002 was the ability to print, fax, or e-mail statements.  The ability to process customers by preferred send method was also new.  The fax statements option has been removed with version 2003 but several new options for processing statements have been added.

With version 2003, the description field on statements included the due date by default.  Release 2 made the inclusion of the due date optional.  New with version 2003 is the ability to send balance forward statements (as was available in previous versions) or open balance statements.  Another change is the ability to include the invoice line detail on the statement.


QBRA-2003: Customers > Create Statements



TRICK: If a customer has several jobs but you want one statement, be sure to choose “print one statement for each customer” and only select the main customer, not the jobs when choosing those to be printed.



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