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Converting from Quicken

Converting from Quicken

Converting from Quicken to QuickBooks


Although Quicken and QuickBooks are both developed by Intuit, they are different software packages and handle certain functions differently. Enter into the conversion process with a skeptical mindset. One way to address this issue is to convert the file from Quicken to QuickBooks using the steps detailed below.

1.        Before you convert your Quicken data, create a cut-off file (i.e. year end copy, start new year option).

2.        Spend the time eliminating any unnecessary accounts, categories and classes in Quicken prior to the conversion.

3.        Open QuickBooks.

4.        Select File > Utilities > Convert from Quicken. The software will lead you through the next several steps.

5.        When you are ask to display the list, answer yes. If using QuickPay, for employees, leave employee names as other.

6.        Change names to appropriate type (i.e. customer, vendor, or other).

7.        Complete remainder of conversion.

8.        Review information in the new QuickBooks file for reasonableness.


Once the conversion is complete, immediately review the file. If the results are unacceptable, follow the steps for creating a new data file. (The old Quicken file has remained intact) assuming no conversion.  When creating reports going forward, up to a specific date will be in Quicken while the more current data will be in QuickBooks.  Often the time it takes to correct account names, numbers, types, etc. does not make sense for the benefit of comparative and historical information in one place.


TIP: Although Quicken and QuickBooks are both Intuit products, they do handle data differently.  However, if a client who uses Quicken and has an Accountant that prefers to use QuickBooks, there is an inexpensive add-on that will automate the process of transferring the data from Quicken to Quickbooks on a regular basis.


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