Converting From an Older Version - Accounting Software Secrets
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Converting From an Older Version

Converting From an Older Version

Converting From an Older Version

To use a newer version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Premier with data from an earlier version, the conversion process is quite simple. The first time the data is opened using the new version, the software will state that the data is from an older version, would you like to convert it?  Confirm that the data should be converted and the software will require that the data be backed up. Once that has been completed, the software will automatically update the file. It is important to realize that you can convert to a newer version, but the data will no longer be useable in the older version.  There is no function to undo the conversion nor is there any way to “save as” to a different version. 

TRICK: With versions 6 and 99 occasionally a version error would occur because of a difference in release.  This has not been the case with any of the more recent versions.

TIP: The same easy conversion process is available for the Enterprise Solution products.

TRICK: When a new version is installed it will automatically replace the software from the previous version leaving the data intact. If both versions of the software will be needed (as in the case of Accountants with clients on different versions) it is necessary to install the new version in a different directory.


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