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QuickBooks Consulting

QuickBooks Consulting

Our Three Most Requested Services:

QuickBooks File Conversion (File is too big and need a new one with detail balances and transactions moved over?)

QuickBooks System Integration (Spending time moving data electronically from one system to another? Automate the process now!)

QuickBooks Consulting is a great way to get the one-on-one assistance you and your clients need. The way we typically work is either directly with the Accountant, Bookkeeper or Consultant, or, if they prefer, we can work directly with their client. Some professionals prefer to have us “behind the scenes” supporting them as they provide the service directly to their client. Others prefer to just have us step in, deal with the situation, and then step back out. 80% of our work is on an “as needed” basis for both the professional and their client. The services we provide vary based on client needs: some a straight consulting engagement (evaluating various alternatives, clean up projects, or set up projects), but many fall into several other categories such as technical support (our advantage is that we can discuss accounting and business management issues that may effect how you choose to use the software features themselves), regular checkups of the data file, detailed file analysis, how to improve efficiency, internal control, and/or cash flow, etc.

How we work together

We work very closely with clients from across the United States as well as several international clients. By using the remote access feature available with QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition, we are able to provide the same level of service from our location, as we can when we visit a client location. With this tool we simply send an e-mail to the client, they click on the link and then join, once the client has connected to the session, the consultant will request control. Once the client has granted the access, quickly and easily we can both see the same screen. Either the consultant can “take control” and the client can watch, or the client can “take control” and the consultant can watch. This process used in conjunction with a telephone call makes the experience just like being there. The only time this process does not work well is if the client does not have high speed internet access and/or does not have the ability to be on the telephone and on the internet at the same time. If either is the case, we have several other technology alternatives which work well depending on the situation. If a client requires an on-site visit, there is a flat rate trip charge.

How to begin

To begin we suggest you complete the contact us form with your contact information and a brief description of how we can best help you. We will then contact you to confirm we can assist you with your needs including which member of our team is the best match for you and their qualifications. At that point, we will e-mail you an engagement letter that confirms the services you have asked our firm to perform and the terms under which we have agreed to do that work. Once we receive the signed engagement letter and required retainer (typically 2 hours or 1/2 of the project estimate, whichever is less) an appointment will be scheduled.


For new clients, we recommend that prior to beginning work together we are contracted to perform a Diagnostic Analysis of the file. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) It provides a great way to see what exactly is happening in the file so our consulting time will be more efficient and more effective (including discovering issues that may have been previously overlooked); and 2) The client will receive a written report of the issues and related commentary custom for their file. If there are issues, they now have a complete listing of what needs to be addressed to provide to the bookkeeper, accountant, or anyone who will be responsible for working on the file. This process provides piece of mind for the client and the accountant. There are two alternatives: one is QuickBooks specific and the other looks at the business as a whole.

Exception: Most of our clients come to us as referrals from the accountant. If their accountant has provided the referral for a specific situation, we will waive the analysis requirement.

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