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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Although the resources available on this web site solve many issues for small businesses and those that support them, there are times when one-on-one attention is needed. Below is a description of how we have worked with many clients in a personal way.

“When we were looking for QuickBooks consulting we called many of the names from the Intuit web sites list of Pro Advisors.  Several of the consultants recommended Bonnie.  They said that Bonnie is the best in the business. Her rate may be higher but you get the quality service you are paying for.   We were very impressed that Bonnie was respected by her collegues in her profession.  Now that we have used her services, Bonnie is not only quick in answering our questions but many times has several different approaches AND her answers work.  We have nothing but praise for Bonnie and her company.” Toy Nodzak,

Accounting and QuickBooks Professionals – Let Us Help You.

Set Up, Clean Up, and Work-Arounds

Do you want to increase your revenue while helping your clients? We can show you how! We are available for one-on-one consulting engagements to help you personally.

Make use of our extensive experience and knowledge in using QuickBooks® to help your clients get the most from their accounting software while they improve their operations. Since we don’t do tax work, audits, or reviews there’s no conflict — just an opportunity for you to help your client.

Here’s how the information below will help you to understand the direction we are taking with our business and that our intention is to deliver high quality services through and with our continuing strong relationship with CPAs and firms like yourself. 95% of our work is with QuickBooks Professionals and/or their clients that come to us via referrals.

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Keeping the QuickBooks File Healthy

We offer several alternatives for regular check ups of the QuickBooks data file. At a minimum, we recommend that the check up be performed prior to year end tax planning, and again prior to the file being sent off for the tax return preparation. Many clients prefer a more regular check up to avoid any surprises and to make sure that the information they are receiving via reports from QuickBooks is accurate. This process is completed by us then the client receives an e-mail that details the issues, an optional service of a telephone call is available to discuss what needs to be done to correct the issues.

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Specialized Knowledge

As a CPA with Controller experience, you can feel confident that Bonnie Nagayama can assist your clients with their operational issues, while ensuring that your accounting needs are respected. By bridging this gap, she can find a way so that the needs of everyone who is using QuickBooks is heard. For specific issues such as Yahoo Store, QuickBooks for the Mac, etc. strategic partners with that expertise will be used.

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Getting More from QuickBooks

Integration Consulting
is also an area of expertise for us. At least 30% of our collective time is spent investigating, testing, supporting, or consulting on add-ons and other integration issues. QuickBooks serves the needs of many, but there are also some specific needs that can only be addressed by an add-on and/or custom integration between another software program and QuickBooks. If it feels like there should be a better way, there probably is.

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QuickBooks Technical Support via telephone or e-mail

Live Technical Support — When your clients need help with QuickBooks® software issues or have problems which you either don’t have the time or expertise to assist with, we can work as an independent contractor to solve the problem. This lets you maintain your relationship with your client by offering them the help they need without having to send them to another firm. We can work directly with the client or through you as an independent contractor. Either way, you maintain the relationship with your client, we simply act in a support role.

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Other Alternatives:

Just looking for a quick, cost effective answer?
Check our our QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software Knowledge Base
The membership web site is a must for all small business consultants, accountants, and bookkeepers with QuickBooks clients. With more than 2,500 pages of html content including countless screen shots, tips, tricks, add-on reviews, and links to additional resources, you will be quickly and easily able to find the information you need. New content, including camtasia videos are added weekly. Don’t find what you need, no problem, send us an e-mail and we’ll get you an answer. Used alone or in conjunction with the diagnostic tool, you never have to waste valuable time doing non-billable research.

Want a live, interactive experience on the telephone and internet with a small group of other participants?
Tele-Classes could be the way to go.
We deliver many QuickBooks® Accounting Software and small business seminars by telephone. This cuts costs for everyone. You could also act as a sponsor to one of regularly scheduled (or custom offered) classes whereby your clients come for a discounted fee or free and we announce that your firm is a sponsor. In this way, everyone on the call is introduced to you and what your firm provides. We would post information about you in the pre-seminar advertising, e-mail confirmations, and follow up correspondence.

There are also more cost effective alternatives that you may offer directly to your clients or use as back end support to you and your staff: Check out our listing of eReports. If you don’t find what you are looking for there try the QuickBooks Newsletter Archive. Still have questions, try Ask the Expert for possible inclusion in a future newsletter.

QuickBooks® Accounting Software and Small Business Live Seminars
We’ll present a seminar to your clients and potential clients where they can get answers to their QuickBooks® questions along with tips on using it as an effective business tool. You can charge them a nominal fee or present it as a value-added service. Seminar content is flexible as is the format of the handouts. The seminars are especially effective when done in conjunction with a pre or post-seminar email, tele-class or telephone consulting, either by you or us. No matter how you do it, you are seen as a professional who is truly concerned about the success of your clients! This is also the perfect way for your firm (or your firm and a couple other local firms) to have private training for your staff. Get your questions answered while your staff is trained on your firm’s procedures. A win-win for everyone! Added Bonus: We can help you to coordinate with others in your area, or other events in your area, to help reduce costs.

Free Weekly Tips and Tricks Newsletter

And if you haven’t yet done so, sign up for our newsletter on QuickBooks. We’ll keep in touch with you regularly with ideas for the financial health of your business — and they won’t just be accounting solutions. We’ll have creative marketing tips that will immediately affect your bottom line.

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