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Construction Application for Payment Solution

Construction Application for Payment Solution

Construction Application for Payment Solution

In today”s competitive construction market, the success of your company relies more than ever on your ability to generate quick, accurate billing information, therefore, Construction Application for Payment Solution¬© has been designed expressly for use by General Contractors, Developers, and Sub-Contractors who are required to submit construction contract billings using the standard American Institute of Architects (AIA) format.

Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) simplifies the lives of contractors and  their staff by greatly reducing the number of hours spent on billings by allowing them to easily create percentage of completion contract billings on plain paper forms that are similar to the AIA Forms G-702: Contractor Application for Payment and G-703: Continuation Sheet or the actual AIA documents themselves without tedious or time-consuming data entry.  With the use of CAPS you can effectively reduce, if not totally eliminate the possibility of errors and therefore expedite the payment process; with it”s ease of use and flexibility, anyone in the office can now generate these billings.

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The cost is $169.95, with installation on as many computers as necessary. A package deal is also available for $499.95 that includes their Certified Payroll Solution program.


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