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Client Comparison

Client Comparison

Comparison Based on Specific Client Needs

The chart below was developed based on a discussion with a client on their specific needs.  Each business is a little different based on the products they sell, the way in which they sell it, and the owner’s pain points (such as cost confidentiality, etc.).  This was a comparison from March 2003 when there was only one product for QuickBooks POS (equivalent to QuickBooks POS Basic).  The expanded capability of the new QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks 2004 products may change some of the analysis. 

Note that QuickSell was not included in this analysis based on the investment constraints of the client. 

The client was currently using Peachtree so conversion services and costs were not included in this cost.  Networking costs were also not included.  This analysis was strictly to discover if there was a software solution that would solve the needs.  The client needed one workstation for the check out, and one station for the back office.  The client was considering the possibility of one more workstation in the warehouse and one at the owner’s home, probably longer term.



QBPOS/QB Pro Solution:


            Bar code/scanning for sales

            Ease of use for sales people

            Functions of a cash register

            Ability to set log off for each transaction

            Interface into G/L in summary rather than detail

            Control over cost associated with an item

            Able to see quantities on hand


            Only way to relieve inventory for the packages is to show individual items

            Sales receipt triggers income and sales tax (sale not delivery date)

No “portable scanning” capability

There is no way to run an “override” report

Automatically updates QuickBooks (no way to edit prior to import)

Only been around since June, new version coming in May?

            Cost:    $2,978.80 total

$1,499.95 hardware/software bundle (current hardware may work?)

                        $ 799.95 POS software

                        $ 599.90 QB Pro x 2 ($299.95 per copy)

                        $  79.00 IIF Add-On for class tracking

QB Premier Alone:


                        Sales orders for those items not in stock

                        Inventory assembly for package sales

                        Everything in one system

                        Class tracking as entered


                        Uses average cost by item

                        If they can see quantity, they can see cost

                        No ability to easily run override reports or lock people from doing it

                        No cash register features (i.e. scanning, change drawer, integrated charge)

                        No ability to set log off each transaction

            Cost:    $  499.95 single version

                        $1,499.95 5 user pack

QB Enterprise Solution:


Same as premier with double the size for the item list

Comes as 10 user pack only


Same as premier

            Cost:    $ 3,500 software and tech support, upgrades

AccuPOS and Premier:


Inventory is controlled in QuickBooks completely

Packages sold as one inventory assembly item (will require build)

Sales staff cannot see cost

                        Override reports are available (including limiting ability to override)

                        Import via iif file (so it can be modified for class prior to import)

                        Table sales changed to pending once in QuickBooks (non-posting)

                        For an additional fee, you can use a portable scanner for counts

                        QuickBooks add on for 3 years (POS solutions for 10 + years)


                        Cannot see quantities in POS, only in QB (this is strictly front end)

                        Strictly cash and carry, Payment on account requires reclass entry in QB

                        Detail in QuickBooks can be cumbersome

            Cost:    $ 4,488.95 total

                        $  795.00 POS software

                        $  249.00 annual support contract

                        $  350.00 credit card authorization (works with current merchant account)

                        $1,595.00 hardware bundle (some current hardware may work?)

                        $1,499.95 QB Premier 5 user pack ($990.00 if only 2 copies)

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