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Changing Finance Charge to Service Charge

Changing Finance Charge to Service Charge

Changing Finance Charge to Service Charge

Q – Can the term “finance charge” be changed to “service charge?”  We had a consultant advice us against using the standard wording, but I cannot find anywhere to change it.  Can you help?

A – There are primarily two places that the term “finance charge” will appear to the customer and both can be changed.

When using finance charges, the software will automatically create an invoice when the finance charges are assessed.  The “name” of the invoice is typically, Finance Charge.  This template name and the default title can be changed by editing the template. By default the finance charge invoice numbers will begin with FC.  The only way to change that is to edit each one individually.  Hence, most businesses choose to just accept that naming convention.

QBRA-2004: Lists > Templates > Finance Charge > Edit

The second place that the term finance charge will appear is in the description of the item that is used on the invoice.  By default, QuickBooks will use an item called “Fin Chg.”  By editing the invoice template as described above, the item column can be removed as a column on the invoice.  Although it is not recommended to change the item name, it is possible to change the item description that will print on the invoice and on subsequent statements.

QBRA-2004: Lists > Item List > Fin Chg > Item > Edit

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