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Cash Reports

Cash Reports

Ask the Expert – Cash Reports for Business Management Clients

Q – I have several clients that I use another program for processing the payables. I like the report that I currently have been providing to the clients that contains the summary and detail activity for each account. I am considering QuickBooks but I would like something similar to this report. It has a detailed break down with subtotals for receipts and disbursements, a subtotal for change in cash at this point, and transfers with another subtotal, and finally the beginning cash balance with the result being the ending cash balance. There is a second sheet that provides a summary for all the accounts (basically it looks like a trial balance with all the accounts down the left and the various subtotals from the previous report across the top).

A – As far as the detail report, it is possible to begin with the general ledger or transaction detail report and to sort by type so the various expenditures would be together, it would not, however, provide for a subtotal for each type. If you start with the general ledger report, filter for the bank account and then click on the advanced display to only display the accounts that are “in use.” Because of the nature of the report, it will show the beginning balance at the top, the running balance down the side to arrive at the ending balance. My guess is this would be close enough to work for you and your clients, or you could always use the Excel interface to make it “pretty” if you like. The other alternative would be to create individual reports for the different transaction types so you would have sub-totals then manipulate them (or create new spreadsheets) based on the presentation you would like to have.

The problem I can foresee is with the summary report. There is not an easy way that I am aware of to create that type of report.

Editor”s note: Based on this question, we are interested in learning if anyone else is in need of this type of report. We have spoken to the developer and have received pricing on the development. We would prefer to split the cost among several interested practitioners rather than having this specific client absorb all the development costs. Please contact us via e-mail if you are interested in learning more.

For followup information:

The QDate Viewer has the specific report available for cash activity presentation.


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