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Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory


Fishbowl Inventory

While QuickBooks remains the worlds most popular and easy to use accounting package, its limited inventory control capabilities may become troublesome for growing companies. This is where Fishbowl Inventory steps in.

Fishbowl Inventory Management Software integrates with QuickBooks to deliver a total accounting, inventory and operations solution.  Simply add Fishbowl Inventory to your QuickBooks and you now have a full-scale inventory control/order entry package that tracks inventory at multiple sites, handles unlimited parts, tracks serial/lot numbers and, in short, provides the entire inventory tracking ability.   

Receiving a “Gold Developer” rating from Intuit, Fishbowl has been recognizes as the #1 rated inventory solution for users of QuickBooks. For more information, Contact us.

Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse

Fishbowl’s user-friendly bar-coding solution, Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse, lets you view and adjust inventory levels from anywhere in your warehouse. Whether you are shipping or receiving inventory from one location to another, Fishbowl will help you increase your inventory accuracy and worker productivity!

Want more information?

An interactive, one on one, internet-based demonstration where you can watch the Fishbowl Inventory program at work as you talk to a live Fishbowl representative is available here.

Read a Case Study

One of the best ways to know if this solution will work for your situation is to read a case study.

Chung’s Gourmet Foods is a leading producer of egg rolls, pot stickers, spring rolls, and Asian entrees in the United States. Located in the shadows of the University of Houston in beautiful Houston, TX, Chung’s was founded in 1986 with the vision of providing gourmet quality Asian food that could be enjoyed at home. Chung’s uses only the highest-quality ingredients and gourmet recipes to produce delicious frozen foods that have the same great taste in every bite. Chung’s works with various retail grocery chains to offer their products all across the country. In October of 2005, Chung’s was acquired by Yellowstone Brands Ltd. and has since experienced sales growth at an average of 20 percent per year. Through its subsidiaries, Yellowstone Brands Ltd. manufactures and markets specialty products in growing niche markets. Download Chung’s Case Study PDF

How can we help you?

Does the prospect of implementing an integrated inventory solution concern you? Are you worried that you will spend valuable time rolling out the software, and won’t know how to most effectively use the program to capture the information that you need to manage your inventory? If so, that is where we can help. With countless hours of working through the issues you will encounter with other clients, we are in a unique position to get you up to speed fast!

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