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General Features


Below are several of the more common features of the software package.  Please note that features may not be available in all products or all versions.  For those issues of most importance in the decision to use QuickBooks or upgrade, please do a search on the term for the most complete and up-to-date information.


·         Optimized for 32-bit, Windows® 95/98/Me/NT 4.0 (SP3, 4, or 6a)/2000/XP

·         Reasonably quick to setup and learn (the software contains many wizards and intuitive choices to make the process easier, most forms look like what would be completed manually)

·         “Feels” like single entry based on the use of forms which record transactions (although the software does the journal entry behind the scenes)

·         Very forgiving when correcting data entry errors (although is feature needs to be used very carefully)

·         Activity based rather than journal based (designed for small business people based on the logic of choosing tasks, not accountants based on the logic of specific “journals”)

·         Logical movement using menu bars, keyboard shortcuts and/or navigation bar

·         Easily customized forms (templates) and reports

·         Framework based on lists (the forms can be quickly and accurately completed using the lists, including adding to the list as needed from within the form itself)

·         Department/Location Tracking (this is called “class” in QuickBooks and permit creating a Profit & Loss report by class to view profitability of various segments of a business)

·         Optional use of account numbers (up to 7 alpha-numeric digits)

·         No easy import of transaction data, only lists without add-on software from other manufacturers (several will be highlighted through out the course, as appropriate)

·         Ability to export lists and print reports to a file

·         Maximum items per list is approximately 10,000

·         Maximum transactions is 2 billion

·         Maximum value is $99,999,999.99 for any one transaction.

·         QuickBooks Pro and Premier are multi-user ready for up to 5 users in the same data file simultaneously in network environments

·         Backup function compresses the size of the file significantly

·         Sample company data included


The fully integrated software package provides the following:

·         General Ledger

·         Journal Entries (adjusting and auto reverse for Premier only)

·         Class Tracking (can be required by turning on the preference for version 2003)

·         Bank Reconciliation

·         Accounts Payable      

·         Credit Cards (use for purchases by the business)

·         Merchant account (use to receive payments from customers)

·         Purchase Orders          

·         Print Checks & Deposit Slips

·         Accounts Receivable 

·         E-mail or Print Invoices/Statements (expanded with 2003)

·         Estimates/Bids (Pro or higher only)

·         E-mail or Print Estimates (Pro or higher Only)

·         Calculate Finance Charges

·         Progress Invoicing     

·         Sales Order Tracking (Premier only)

·         Payroll (including access to online direct deposit and online payroll tax service)

·         Time Tracking (Pro or higher only)          

·         Calculate Sales Tax

·         Job Costing

·         Memorized transactions            

·         Budgeting

·         Forecasting (Premier only)

·         Business Plan tool (Premier only)

·         Inventory (average cost)

·         Building assembly inventory parts from component parts (Premier only)

·         Price Levels (Pro or higher Only)             

·         Report Generating Features

·         Easy Customization (forms and reports)

·         Batch Report Printing

·         Contact Management Features

·         Audit Trail

·         Free Online Software Updates  

·         Accountants Review™ feature

·         Online Banking (reconcile activity with the bank) 

·         Online Payments (pay bills and write checks electronically)

·         Tips and Reminders    

·         “How Do I?” context-sensitive help

·         Hide inactive customers, vendors, items and employees

·         Integrates with Microsoft Word (97 or higher) and Microsoft Excel (97 or higher) (Pro or higher Only)

·         Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook (97 or higher) or Symantec ACT! (v.3.08, 4.02) or Interact ACT! 2000 (Pro or higher Only)

·         Expert Analysis (Premier Only)

·         Password Protection

·         Web Site Building

·         Fixed Asset Manager (Premier Accountant Edition Only)

·         Loan Manager (Premier Accountant Edition Only)

·         Vehicle Mileage Tracker (Pro and higher)

·         Import lists from Excel (Pro and higher)

·         Cash Flow Projector (Pro and higher)


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