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Automatically Email Invoices

Automatically Email Invoices

Automatically Email Invoices

Q – How do I turn the e-mail the invoice box off or remove when I am entering invoices?

Submitted by Tim.

A – For versions 2002 and higher, by default, if a customer’s preferred send method is e-mail the invoices will be automatically marked to be e-mailed.  For versions 2002-2004 the only way to eliminate this issue is to change the preferred send method for each customer. 

For version 2005 and Enterprise Solutions 5, maintenance release 4 added a preference that can be turned on or off to control this issue.  With the check box marked, the form will be automatically marked for e-mail, with the check box not marked, it will not.

For all versions 2002 and higher, the Company Preferences for the send forms choice controls the default text for the e-mail to accompany the form.


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