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Assisted Payroll Service (formerly Deluxe)

Assisted Payroll Service (formerly Deluxe)

Assisted Payroll Service (formerly Deluxe)


New with Version 2005, this service now includes net-to-gross calculations. To apply for the Assisted Payroll Service call a customer service representative.  The telephone number can be found under the help option.  It is 1-800-332-4844.  Customer Service Representatives are available Monday-Friday 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.  First they can explain the costs associated with the service.  It is based on pay frequency, number of employees and if checks will be direct deposited.  Once the decision has been made to use the service, have the following information ready to expedite the call:


1. Company legal name, address, phone number and Federal employer identification number (EIN)

2. Owner’s or company principal”s name, address, social security number, and year of birth

3. How often you pay federal payroll taxes (quarterly, monthly, semi-weekly, next banking day)

4. Number of employees to be supported by the payroll tax service and/or signing up for direct deposit

5. Primary contact person for payroll questions at your company

6. Credit card number to pay the one-time application fee


The customer service representative uses some of this information to perform a credit check immediately. After the credit check is completed, the customer representative will provide an application/confirmation number that is entered into QuickBooks.


The online payroll service sign up interview must be completed electronically.  The software will create a back up, update the files and then create a second back up.


Complete the application kit that is available electronically.  The information contained in the kit is the same as is required by most payroll processing companies: a limited power of attorney (required for tax filings), a tax service/direct deposit enrollment form, reporting agent authorization for magnetic tape and electronic filers, and an electronic funds transfer authorization. These signed forms must be returned.  A request is also made for any state forms and deposit coupons in the possession of the small business.


The Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes that are necessary to access the online payroll service account will be mailed.


Set Up and Check Payroll – Once the PIN codes have been received, it is time to complete the rest of the set up through the computer.  While waiting for the PIN mailing, continue processing the payroll as usual.  When the set up process is resumed, the software will ask questions such as:

–           Which quarter would you like the service to start filing the forms? (The service can begin immediately since the software double checks the accuracy of the prior information that has been entered)

–           Are all the employees listed?

–           Are there employees who wish to use the direct deposit service? The form they need to complete is included in the application kit.

–           What state do the employees work and live in?

–           Where is the state disability payment sent?

–           Is the employee’s hired and release date accurate?

–           Payroll related items are reviewed with information requested as needed.


TIP: If you choose to not complete the set up, it is possible to choose the “Leave” option.  This will save most of the changes and let you out of the set up process.  When you return, however, some of the information may need to be re-entered before you continue.


TRICK: This process confirms that the payroll calculations and tax payment amounts match the computer-calculated amounts.  If they do not, the computer may make some of the adjustments automatically, while others will require a manual adjustment made through the software.  Allow some extra time when completing this step.


Reconcile Tax Forms: This process requires some information to be entered from the quarterly reports, which is then compared to the payroll information contained in the QuickBooks file.  There are several certification points along the way that confirm that the previous returns have been filed and all related taxes paid.  Once this process has been completed, the information will be transmitted to the QuickBooks payroll service.


TRICK: When processing the first payroll, be very careful.  If there are any previous payroll tax liability amounts that remain unpaid, they will be impounded by the service and remitted for the company.  For example, the company is on a monthly deposit schedule, the taxes for April are due the 15th of May.  As of May 1 the company uses QuickBooks Assisted payroll.  Prior to processing the first pay period in May, create the check for the previous month’s payroll taxes (even if you post date or hold the check) if the amount will not be paid until the 15th by the company (i.e. the payroll service should not remit the previous amount).


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