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Ask the Expert – Stock on Hand

Ask the Expert – Stock on Hand

Ask the Expert – Stock On Hand


Q – When I ask for closing inventory report QuickBooks is showing the Inventory which was already sold out. But I actually need the Inventory Report which should be showing only the quantity of goods remaining in the business. I mean the zero quantity stock report is to be excluded from the Inventory Stock Report.  Submitted by Mallik

A – There are a couple of inventory reports you can use to see what stock you have on hand.  One is the Inventory Valuation Summary report and the other is the Inventory Stock Status by Item report.  With either report there is not a way that I am aware of to filter out the zero balance items.  There is one work around, however.  With either report the inactive items are not included.  So, by marking the items as inactive when they are out of stock, they will no longer appear on either report.

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