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Ask the Expert – Price Level on Estimates

Ask the Expert – Price Level on Estimates

Ask the Expert – Price Level on Estimates

Q – We have set up pricing levels, and this works fine when creating an invoice, but when we create an estimate for the same customer for the same item, the price level discount is not taken. This is quite confusing for the customer (not to mention difficult for us to track). What are we doing wrong?

A – The easiest solution is to create a custom field for the price level then add it to the estimate (you can add it to the screen only so it does not appear on the customer copy). Then manually adjust the price for the items on the estimate, or take a discount on the estimate if that presentation is preferred.

The price level does not affect the item when creating an estimate, but new with Premier Version 2003 there is an alternative, the sales order. The main purpose for this form is to track back orders of inventory (which shows in a new column on the item list). However, it does use the price level feature, so depending on what other reports are needed; this may be a helpful alternative.

For reports, there is an Open Sales Order by Customer (a summary report) or an Open Sales Order by Item (which shows the detail). It is also possible to create custom reports on sales orders by filtering by the transaction type and non-posting. The option of paid status open will only include those sales orders that are not closed. Not that the last option will include all detail on the sales order if it is not closed, even if some of the individual lines have been invoiced.

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