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Ask the Expert – Payroll Tax Table

Ask the Expert – Payroll Tax Table

Ask the Expert – Payroll Tax Table

Q – I had to install a new hard drive and re-install Windows and all my software. Previously I used the one-time download of the payroll tax tables for QuickBooks. Bottom line, with the re-installation, those tables are lost.

1) Is there a way to replace these tables short of buying the $300 payroll package or buying a new QB at $250?

2) For future reference, is there a way to save the downloaded tables to avoid this problem in the future?

Submitted by Gary.

A – The short answer is that I do not know of a way for you to do the one-time download, and I am not sure that even the new version of QuickBooks will help because several versions ago the tax table information is stored in a combination of the software itself, and the data file. Although I have not tested the upgrade theory to know for sure.

The more complete answer is that the standard tax tables, while they have increased in price significantly over the last few years, are currently $199 annually. Due to the change in the 941, you would need the updated payroll tax table anyway to comply with the new format. If you want to be able to print not only the federal forms but also most state returns, net to gross calculations, track workers comp and more, the Enhanced Payroll may be worth the extra money to you. The Enhanced Payroll is $299 (or you can pay a little more to include the software upgrade which means you would get 2005 now and 2006 when it comes out later this year). In my opinion this is probably the best alternative since two versions of the software will be included, for Pro it would be $399 or for Premier it would be $499. For complete information on all the different payroll alternatives available from Intuit, visit

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