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Ask the Expert – PayCycle Integration

Ask the Expert – PayCycle Integration

Ask the Expert – PayCycle Integration

Q – I am using QuickBooks Online for my bookkeeping and PayCycle for my payroll as recommended by Intuit. PayCycle keeps track of all the payroll taxes I pay. My questions are: 1) Do I need do double book the payroll expenses for every paycheck in QBOL when they are already in PayCycle? 2) Is there a way to have PayCycle automatically enter the amounts in QBOL (this may be a question for PayCycle) THANKS!!!

Submitted by Todd.

Thanks to Roxanne Brown for providing the answer to this question, and a supplemental article about why PayCycle is her choice for adding client payroll to her offering of services.

PS One other quick note about QuickBooks Online Edition: Accountants and clients alike have been happy with the expanded functionality of the online edition over the past couple of years (if you have not looked at it in a while, it might be time to check it out again). Now, according to an April 11, 2005 press release: QuickBooks Online Edition Wins Prestigious Award for Best Practices in Customer Support

A – In answer to the first question: No you do not need to “double book the payroll” when using PayCycle. There is an easy way to integrate the information you already have in PayCycle to your QuickBooks Online file. The first step is to establish the connection of your PayCycle account to your QuickBooks Online file; this is accomplished by choosing “Online Edition” as your general ledger accounts. This set-up can be found under Account>Preferences in PayCycle. If you have not already set up payroll accounts in your Online Edition, PayCycle will set them up for you the first time you export your data; it”s that easy!

For the second part, you can contact PayCycle if you want, but, when you export your data, with just one click in PayCycle, all the amounts and details will be sent and posted into your Online account. For step by step instructions, PayCycle has provided this pdf complete with screen shots of the process.


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