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Ask the Expert – Mac Files and QuickBooks 2005

Ask the Expert – Mac Files and QuickBooks 2005

Ask the Expert – Mac files and QuickBooks 2005

Q -My client sent me a file from the QuickBooks Pro for the Mac. What do I need to do to work with it using QuickBooks Premier 2005: Accountant Edition on my PC? Question submitted by Michelle

Answer submitted by Margo Linden Katz:

The first step is to have the client back up the file using the correct format.  If they are using QuickBooks: Pro 2005 for the Mac this can be accomplished by choosing File > Back Up > To QuickBooks for Windows.  If the client is using QuickBooks: Pro 6.0 for the Mac, they will choose File > Create a file for QuickBooks Windows.

The second step is for the client to send you the file.  Most Macs can read and write data to and from PC-formatted media. 

TIP: This step can often be the catch: the transportation of the file.  I have both platforms on my server.  I’d suggest putting the file on a flash drive and accessing it that way, whichever way one is going, Mac-PC-Mac. Email controls on attachments can cause items to become unrecognized.


TIP: For more on Macintosh issues in general.

TIP: I often have to add suffixes on both platforms to read the data file correctly. For example, when the file comes from the Mac platform, it is often necessary to save the file as clienta.qbb (i.e. adding the .qbb to the file name) so the Windows software will recognize the file as a back up.

The third step is to restore the file as you do with any other back up by choosing File > Restore.

Should you choose to send the file back to the Mac client, either a *.qbw file or a *.qbb file can be used with version 2005.  For QuickBooks: Pro 6.0 for the Mac, send a *.qbw file since it will not open a *.qbb file.

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