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Ask the Expert – Invoicing For Time Still Unbilled

Ask the Expert – Invoicing For Time Still Unbilled

Ask the Expert – Invoicing For Time Still Unbilled

Q – I have been entering time sheets and then using the time by job report filtered for unbilled time to create the invoices, however, the time still says unbilled after the invoice has been saved. What am I doing wrong?

A – Timesheets are a Pro and higher only feature that must be turned on to be used. The purpose of the time sheet is to enter the time to track the amount of time to be invoiced. The time can also be used to create paychecks. The timesheets themselves are “non-posting” which means that the income is not recorded until it is invoiced, and the expense is not recorded until it appears on a check, bill, or pay check.

A guess is that the invoice has been created from “scratch” rather than using the time/cost button at the top of the invoice form. By using the time/cost button, the time is automatically changed from “billable” to “billed” when creating time reports. To remove the time already invoiced directly on the invoice, with the next invoice, enter the customer name, click on the time/cost button, and choose the time to invoice. In addition, click on the hide column for all the time that has already been invoiced so it will not appear on the screen the next time. If time is marked to hide, or it the invoice is created and saved, the only way to mark the time billable again is to go back to the time sheet and change the status of the individual line there.

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