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Ask the Expert – Invoicing for Bookkeeping Services

Ask the Expert – Invoicing for Bookkeeping Services

Q – I have a small bookkeeping and payroll services business. I would like to use QuickBooks to do my billing. I am using billing rates to track the billable rates of various employees, but when I use the time/cost feature it lists the item separately for each employee. I would like there to be one line on the invoice for all of the bookkeeping services, and one line for the payroll services–no matter how many people worked on the account. I wasn’t able to use the group function to my satisfaction. Subtotals would work if I could white out the lines above them. Any suggestions? Submitted by Wendy

A – There are two suggestions I have to offer:

1. Use the items as you have described to track the time, then enter a single line on the invoice for the total and “hide” the time using the time/cost button similar to invoicing for flat fee invoices

2. The other solution would be to create an invoice using the time/cost feature as you described with all the detail lines, add a memo in the box all the way at the bottom of the invoice that says bookkeeping services or payroll services, as appropriate. 

QBRA-2006: Customer > Create Invoices > Fill in Invoice > Click on Memo at the bottom

Once both invoices are done, prepare a statement for the client without showing the detail lines.  Below is an example of what it would look like for this customer.

QBRA-2006: Customers > Create Statements > Preview

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