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Ask the Expert – Daily Entry Reports (Batch Reports)

Ask the Expert – Daily Entry Reports (Batch Reports)

Ask the Expert – Daily Entry Reports (Batch Reports)

Q – I just wanted to know, how you print daily data entry Edit Reports in QuickBooks. For example: all bills entered during the day and at the end of the day you want to print a report to check all data entered has gone to the correct account.  What to do to get this report?

A – Although QuickBooks does not require that reports be printed, it is recommended. There are several different alternatives depending on what type of report is desired.

Alternative 1: The audit trail report will provide the transactions that were entered or modified for a specific date or date range.  This report can also be filtered to include only specific types of transactions.  The advantage of this report is that if the audit trail is turned on, the previous transactions will also appear (i.e. you can see what was changed on the transaction).  The disadvantage is that if the audit trail is turned on, the list of deleted transactions at the end of the report continues to grow so when printing, be sure to only print those pages with the current transactional activity.

Alternative 2: To create a similar report with out the previous and deleted transactions when the audit trail is turned on, use the journal report filtered for the entered/modified date.

Alternative 3: If it is easier for checking the coding to have a report subtotaled by account, consider the transaction detail report with the entered/modified date filter.

Notes: Keep in mind, with all these reports, filtering by the entered/modified date will include all transactions; even if the change was minor (add a memo, etc.).  At this time it is not possible to filter the report for only one specific user.

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