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“Ask the Expert – Accountant’s Review Copy

“Ask the Expert – Accountant’s Review Copy

Ask the Expert – Accountant”s Review Copy

Q – I gave the client an export disk with the adjusting entries for the end of the year. Before the client could import the changes, her computer was hit by a virus. After eliminating the virus and getting her system operational again, QuickBooks would not import the Accts Copy I had given her because it did not recognize that an Accts Copy had ever been exported. Now the client has made a new Accts Copy. The export from me still will not import due to date differences. Do you know of a way around this problem other than completely reentering all the journal entries?

A -The only thing I am aware of is to re-enter the journal entries. The Accountants Review Copy creates a special kind of file that is very finicky based on being able to import the changed transaction back into the client”s copy of the file. To my knowledge there is no work around short of printing the journal entries by using the audit trail report or from your work papers.

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