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Always on Audit Trail

Always on Audit Trail

With the change in the data base structure for version 2006, the audit trail is no longer a preference that can be turned on and off.  It is now always on.  This is a big boost from an internal control perspective.  There are two issues that should be addressed to provide the best benefit from this change:

  1. Everyone who accesses QuickBooks should be set up with their own unique user name and password to make the audit trail reports meaningful.  This can also be extended to include a unique login and password to be used by third party applications that access QuickBooks.
  2. When someone is no longer going to access QuickBooks (an employee is terminated, for example) do not delete the user, simply change the password.  The reason is that if the password is deleted, the audit trail transactions that the user worked on will show a blank user name.

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