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Adjusted Trial Balance (Prior to Version 2004)

Adjusted Trial Balance (Prior to Version 2004)

Adjusted Trial Balance (Prior to Version 2004)

There is not a standard adjusted trial balance report available within the QuickBooks accounting software for versions 2003 and prior.  An adjusted trial balance is a report that shows the unadjusted figures, entries made, and ending adjusted balance.  If the procedures used to prepare financial statements include preparing an adjusted trial balance, the easiest alternative is to begin with the trial balance report, then click on the Excel button for those versions with the option.  This will automatically launch Microsoft Excel 97 or higher, when installed on the computer, and then transfer the report to the spreadsheet.  From here, enter the adjustments into a new column to the right and a calculation column for the adjusted balance.  It is also possible to insert lines for subtotaling purposes, if needed.  This would permit subtotals for various account types.

QBRA-2003: Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Trial Balance > Excel > Add additional columns and calculations in Excel


TRICK: For the adjustment columns it may be most efficient to create a transaction detail report filtered for the appropriate adjustments (a specific code in the memo field works well) to create a report subtotaled by account for all the adjustments.  Depending on the preferred format, the amount column will be shown as a net amount, or using the debit and credit columns will provide the total for each for using on the adjusted trial balance.  This supplemental report can then be included in the work papers as support for the adjustment totals on the trial balance report.


QBRA-2004: Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Transaction Detail Report > Modify report to filter for journal entries

TRICK: Excel, by default, always provides three sheets when a new file is created.  To change this preference, choose Tools > Options > General.

TRICK: With Version 2004: Accountant Edition an adjusted <a data-cke-saved-href=”” href=”” 291200″=””>trial balance report</a> has been added.</p> <h2>More information on this topic</h2> <p><a data-cke-saved-href=”″ href=”″>Trial Balance</a></p> <p></p>