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Address Grabber Business

Address Grabber Business


AddressGrabber Business

What the tool will do

If you have ever been frustrated by re-typing information you already had in an electronic format, then this tool is for you!

The list of software it will work with is too extensive to list here, but some of them include: QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken,, Word, Outlook, Excel, UPS WorldShip, Microsoft Money, Goldmine, Lotus Organizer, FedEx QuickShip, Eudora, and ACT!  All for one price: Within the option of the program, you can select to include only those applications you use.  For the complete list, visit

Those that have been selected will appear in the tool window.

Some of the ways we use the tool:

  • A new client sends their contact information to us via e-mail
  • We discover another business we would like to contact when surfing the web
  • Our eCommerce solution sends us an e-mail with the sale information but does not directly integrate with QuickBooks (to take this process one step further and import the transaction, not just the address check out the newsletter
  • And much more!

Per AddressGrabber’s web site: Who uses AddressGrabber Business:

  • Small and Home Based Business: Businesses that find it expensive to hire extra help to do data-entry of leads, orders, invoices, shipping forms.
  • Companies using Online Web Forms: Companies that want to enter customer responses from web- site forms into their Contact Manager for automated scheduling and follow-up.
  • Order Entry: Businesses that need to enter email orders or generate Invoices from selling on eBay, Yahoo Shopping Cart or on other online shopping carts.
  • Finance and Accounting: Businesses that want to process paypal and other payments.
  • Shipping: Companies that ship orders via FedEx, UPS, or other carriers.
  • Sales and Marketing: Businesses that run on contact management systems like Outlook/ ACT!/ GoldMine.

How to obtain the tool

There is a free trial version of this product available from that will work for 10 days or transfer of 50 addresses, whichever occurs earlier.  This includes free support during the trial period.  At the end of the trial, the unlock code can be purchased as a single user license for $129.95, or two user license for the discounted price of $239.95

How to use the tool

The process is a simple 4 step process:

Step 1: Highlight the information you wish to transfer

Step 2: Click on the application you want to transfer it to from the tool bar

Step 3: Confirm that the information has been parsed into the correct fields

Step 4: Click on transfer. 

That is all there is to it!

Other Features:

In addition to eliminating the time consuming, routine task of data entry into an error-free, fast and efficient process, AddressGrabber Business also has several features to make the product easier to use.

From the menu pull down, in addition to the to add or hide applications, there are options for:

Customize Extraction

This option permits setting up the form fields to be extracted


My Address

From the AddressGrabber Help information:

My Address stores your personal details in the User Information dialog box during installation. You may edit the entry and save multiple addresses in the My Address window of AddressGrabber Options dialog box.

  • ·         Addresses typed here can be used as the return address for correspondence.
  • When My Address is selected as the source in the toolbar, the default contact address is transferred to your destination application.
  • After transferring an address from any source to My Address application, right click My Address icon in the AddressGrabber toolbar and select Run Application to open the address book. You can view the contact details by clicking “Select Contact” drop down box.


Other Features:

In addition to the options that can be changed, there following are also included in the tool:

  • A transfer log in a notepad that details all the transfers made
  • Sample Address and Web Form to use for practice

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