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Add to Register for Online Banking

Add to Register for Online Banking

Always use add to register for online banking

There was a new personal preference added to the checking preference list with version 2005.  This preference deals with how the online banking transactions will be added into QuickBooks.

QBRA-2005: Edit > Preferences > Checking > My Preferences

With the box “unchecked” the pop up box will appear to choose how the information should be entered.  This is the default. 

QBRA-2005: Banking > Online Banking Center > View > Click on unmatched transaction > Add one to register

It is also possible to change the preference directly from this screen by marking the “do not prompt me again” check box.  If the preference is changed this way or directly through the preference screen, the result will be that transactions in the future will be added directly to the register and the pop up box to make a choice will not appear again.


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