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Adagio FX Getting Started

Adagio FX Getting Started

Adagio FX Getting Started

What the Tool Will Do

QuickBooks data is retrieved into the tool for report manipulation for version 2000-2004 for Pro and higher products.  Several “standard” reports come with the tool.  But, based on drag and drop features and spreadsheet-like functionality, the ability to create custom report formats appears endless.  The added benefit of “drill down” capability provides value to the user.

How to Obtain the Tool

For a free evaluation copy of the software,

In the dealer area enter McWilliams & Associates Inc and for the product, place a check mark in the box next to Adagio FX.

To purchase the tool:

$ 99.00            Standard version: for use with a single company data file.  This tool is the copy that the client or a business with only one QuickBooks data file would purchase.  For example, the Accountant could develop the reports using the Professional version then provide the template to the client for interim use with the Standard version. /product.php?productid=392&cat=3&page=1

$299.00           Professional version: for use with an unlimited number of company data files.  This is the tool most Accountants and Consultants would want since it will use the same template with different QuickBooks files without needing to set up the files each time the client changes.  If an accountant purchases the Standard version to try it, it is possible to pay the difference to purchase the upgraded Professional product.  /product.php?productid=392&cat=3&page=1-M