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Accountant’s Copy Enhancements

Accountant’s Copy Enhancements

With the release of version 2007, the Accountant’s Review Copy was completely revised and is now called the Accountant’s Copy.  With version 2008, the features of this tool for Accountants to work with the client’s data file while the client continues to enter current transactions has again been expanded.



Note: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions can create an Accountant’s Copy to send to their Accountant. This is not available with Simple Start or QuickBooks for the Mac.  Only Premier: Accountant Edition or Enterprise Solutions: Accountant Edition can open the Accountant’s Copy file.



Overview of Enhancements

Create Accountant’s Copy

Dividing Date Enhancement

Send Copy to Accountant

Open & Convert Accountant’s Copy Transfer File

Working with Accountant’s Copy in 2008

More information on this topic

Accountant Review-Accountant Copy

What’s New in Version 2008