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Account Numbers not in Order

Account Numbers not in Order

Ask the Expert – Account Numbers Not In Order

Q – I set up a new current liability account, a loan, I numbered it 2906. My intention was for the account to show above account 2907, it does in the chart of accounts but not when you print the balance sheet. It shows as the first account under current liabilities, what am I doing wrong?

A – Without the file to look at, all I can do is offer several suggestions of things to try.

Re-sort List – First of all, the Balance Sheet will print in the same order as the chart of accounts by account type. Try resorting the list by choosing accounts at the bottom of the chart of accounts list then re-sort. A question will appear that asks if you want to return the list to the original order. Original order is alphabetical by account type if account numbers are turned off, or numeric based on the account numbers for each account type if account numbers are turned on.

Confirm Account Type – The Balance Sheet will print by type so confirm that the new account you created is indeed another current liability type and that the prevoius account is the same type.

Check Data Integrity – Assuming neither of the first two suggestions solved the problem, try checking the data integrity. To do this, choose file > utilities > verify data.

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