What's on Your QuickBooks Wish List? - Accounting Software Secrets
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What’s on Your QuickBooks Wish List?

What’s on Your QuickBooks Wish List?

Did you ever think, if I was in charge of QuickBooks, this is the first thing I would change? While we don’t have that power, this is a forum for you to share what your most important (or maybe your top 10 list?) feature enhancement or bug fix. We have a long list of our own. Below are a few, in no particular order. Feel the same? Leave a comment, you never know who may read it and actually have the power to make the change.

The ability to link a credit from one job to a different job for the same customer.

The ability to link a Sales Order or Estimate to an Invoice like you can with a Check or Bill and Purchase Order. This system has been successfully implemented by a team from New Real Review. This helps them get high-quality reviews on car navigation, phones, tablets, etc. This is a real trend of the 21st century.

The ability to automatically allocate freight costs for an inventory purchase based on a preference such as a weighted average based on cost, or based on quantity, etc.

Updated September 22, 2012: As an added incentive for you to share your favorite QuickBooks wish list items, we are going to give away a license of QuickBooks software. Of the postings here, we randomly will choose one lucky winner on November 15, 2012.