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Client Updates: Prather Ranch Meat Company

Client Updates: Prather Ranch Meat Company


We are thrilled that one of our clients, Prather Ranch Meat Company (PRMC) was been showcased in many different places lately. We have been working with them on expanding the integration and automation of their varied lines of business with QuickBooks as the hub and third party integrated applications to support operational needs and build out their work flow. We are thrilled they have been getting some well-deserved exposure.

More About the Company

Most recently, as a “portfolio company,” PRMC was showcased at the Inner City Advisor’s (ICA) gala fundraiser last week at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.  Here is the link to a video that tells more about their story: ICA ( is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization leading the charge to create good jobs for Bay Area inner city residents by providing high-impact entrepreneurs and small business owners with expert advice, knowledge & investment to grow their business.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may be interested in this television spot that highlights their newest venture, the American Eatery in the Ferry Building. Watch the video:

This business is a pretty interesting success story: It starting out as guys selling meat out the back of a trailer at farmers markets and a small shop in Ferry Building. This expanded to include wholesale operations before they opened the American Eatery food service counter last year. And now they have added website sales as another line of business (and yet another point of integration that we have been able to assist in bringing into QuickBooks) just last month when they launched their web store with their line of “Praise the Lard” apparel. Not bad for a bunch of meat guys!

PS Interested in learning more about the meat you eat, you might want to check out this about “meat glue” from a local news station:

QuickBooks and Integrated Applications

We love building out the systems to streamline the processes while providing the data that is critical for business management purposes. Are you interested in the tools and products we are using to help them with their integration? Contact us for more information about any of these solutions. Here is the list:

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with Advanced Inventory for tracking multiple locations. Intuit Payment Solutions for customer credit card processing including GoPayment

SmartVault for document management

SpringAhead for time tracking and Intuit Assisted Payroll for payroll processing

Food Connex for the inventory management for the wholesale operations

Transaction Pro Importer (with an Excel Macro) for importing the sales detail from the cash registers at the retail location and farmer’s markets

Squirrel Systems POS for the American Eatery

FoxyCart and for eCommerce in conjunction with Consolibyte integration