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Ask the Expert – Just Getting Started

Ask the Expert – Just Getting Started
Issue 2.29 July 29, 2003
Although this question deals with someone who is just getting started, all the resources provide excellent value for even the seasoned consultant.

Q – I am new to QuickBooks consulting and would like any tips or tricks you have to get me up to speed quickly. What do you recommend I do?

A – This question comes up quite frequently. There is really no substitute for experience. One of the first suggestions I make is to encourage the consultant to use QuickBooks for their own business. Although a service based business is generally straight forward, it does provide exposure to the basics as well as familiarity with the navigation within the program.

Any seminars, tele-classes or other materials can also help. There are many details within QuickBooks, and even for me, I learn at least one new thing (or a new way to think about an issue) every time I attend a presentation or read a newsletter. Constant exposure helps to encourage “thinking like QuickBooks.” Intuit’s Professional Advisor program has a certification test which will help to increase the knowledge (as well as providing the benefit of a credential to list on marketing materials that proves a QuickBooks focus, a licensed copy of the software, 16 hours of CPE credit, and listing on their data base for marketing purposes upon successful completion of the exams).

We offer many free resources to help you including the weekly tips and tricks newsletter, the newsletter archive, a monthly one hour discussion forum, content search of the site (and a product search too) and an ask the expert option. Some of the paid resources we have to offer to help you include eReports (downloadable 10-20 page reports on a specific topic), tele-classes on a variety of topics, and the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. Plus, you can always consider hiring us to consult with you as needed (we serve behind the scenes for many QuickBooks consultants to help you avoid time consuming research and trial and error), having a live or tele-class presentation specifically for your firm or for your clients, and much more. Contact us to discuss your specific needs at 800-787-8744 or via e-mail.

As a resource for this and other questions, submit a question via “Ask the Expert” or attend our free, monthly discussion forum tele-class.

Bonnie J. Nagayama, CPA (925-247-0100) has been featured by Intuit in their QuickBooks Advisor Spotlight and frequently teaches and consults on using QuickBooks to its maximum advantage. For a FREE weekly newsletter of QuickBooks tips and tricks, plus many free and low cost QuickBooks resources visit
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