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Add-On Updates

Add-On Updates
Issue 3.16 June 29, 2004

With the development of the Intuit Developer Network (IDN) in 2001, the number of add-on solutions available to work with QuickBooks products has grown significantly. In our effort to find the best ways to work efficiently and profitably, we regularly let our subscribers know about new and improved products.

There is a new release of the Advanced Intuit Password Recovery tool that now work with version 2004. In addition, there is a new release of the QData Viewer and Cash Detail Report. Click below to learn more about what these products are. If you have purchased either tool from us in the past, you are entitled to the update for free.

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery – The new release of the Advanced Intuit Password Recovery tool, developed by Elcomsoft, will now work with versions 4-2004. The software was designed to allow businesses to continue to use their valuable data when documents’ passwords are lost accidentally or intentionally. From the accountant’s standpoint, this tool is invaluable to quickly disclose what version of QuickBooks is being used. In addition, it can be used to eliminate wasted time trying to find the password and/or contact the client to obtain the password. It is also a useful tool when the client forgets, or the bookkeeper leaves without disclosing, the passwords on the QuickBooks files.The tool is available for purchase at $60 and future releases are available at no charge.If you have previously purchased the tool, the new release is available for download.

Editorial Note: The Cost of the software has increased to $99 but updates to work with future QuickBooks versions continue to be free.

QData Viewer – There is a new release for QData Viewer that can be downloaded. If you have a previous version of QData Viewer installed on your computer, uninstall it, delete the folder, then install the new release for best results. In addition, the issue with account numbers being turned on in QuickBooks that resulted in unexpected results in QData Viewer has been fixed and the Company Name has been added to the Cash Detail Report.The report includes a summary sheet as well as supporting details, review the newsletter archive on this report that includes a sample pdf version. The QData Viewer is available for $149 and the cash detail report is currently available for a limited time at no charge.

As a resource for this and other questions, submit a question via “Ask the Expert” or attend our free, monthly discussion forum tele-class.

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