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Most of our work comes as referrals from other QuickBooks and Accountant Professionals. We really appreciate all that they do and we make an extra effort to treat their clients in the way they want to be treated. Below are a few of the comments we have received about our services.

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I have worked with Bonnie in the past with another client here in Albuquerque; she does a great job and is a tremendous resource.


Bonnie helped us clear out a QuickBooks problem that had been dogging us for quite a while. She was very informative, patient, and was able to understand our issues with just a couple of questions. We were elated at the assistance she gave us and would be very happy to work with her again in the future!


Bonnie --
You are one of the most responsive, easy-to-work with experts I have encountered. So thanks for all of your help.

Marie Leone

I have utilized your bookkeeper skills assessment tests before interviewing candidates to work at Virbo as accountants, bookkeepers or even controllers. It has made my life easier as a great screening tool. We have brought on people who said they are good accountants, only to find out they lacked basic accounting fundamentals.

Tim Hughes / Virbo, LLC

Bonnie always resolves my issues!
She is extremely knowledgeable, and it usually only takes a short amount of time for her to look into and resolve my questions. I enjoy working with her, and she has helped make my job easier. I call her my "QuickBooks Guru!"

Carrie Anderson

The recommendation to the Accountant's Edition is MUCH appreciated. We are using the features a lot!

Margi Moore

When we need more assistance with anything QuickBooks related, we’ll definitely be in touch. Bonnie is a wealth of QuickBooks knowledge!

Stephanie Kaleba